In case you don’t know Jack


Welcome! I’m Jack Park, and I am the guy behind Jacky Paper Studios.
I am available for commission, and prints of my work are available for sale.

 You can reach me at

I graduated with a BFA in Communication Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University, an institution that never misses an opportunity to remind you that it is the number one public arts school in the country. I am primarily a cartoonist, but to varying degrees I am an illustrator, writer, poet, sculptor, and all-around storyteller.

My origin story: I was raised by incredibly, abnormally literate parents, in a house brimming with books, comics, scripts of plays, so on and so forth. I was always surrounded and fed by smart, compelling stories. But one of the very first stories I remember learning was not in a book, but in a song my father sang to me as a lullaby: Puff the Magic Dragon

It is from the little boy in that song (little Jackie Paper) that Jacky Paper Studios gets its name– as a tribute to my crazy artsy bookworm parents, to the stories I grew up on, and to little boys who play with dragons.


4 thoughts on “In case you don’t know Jack

  1. I absolutely adore you self portrait, it’s fantastic. I have to admit that Dungeon Master’s Apprentice has to be my favourite of your posts however, just that last panel in the middle section! It really made me chuckle.

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